For over 10 years we are using cutting-edge software in 3D design and structural calculation. Even the electrical design and software of our machines are internally developed by a team of engineers, using ad hoc programs. This, together with the remote-assistance technology, allows us to guarantee a quick and punctual intervention in case of customer assistance.

Research and development

Since 2016 we are collaborating with the University of Brescia to set up a thermo-fluid dynamic simulation computer system to be applied to our ovens. This will allow us to improve the thermal and uniformity performances already in the design phase.

No Smoke System


  Oils and hydrocarbons that remains on the surface of springs (as residuals of the previous processes), at the temperature of about 150/200°C, vaporize without combustion and generate smoke.
  To process and completely eliminate these fumes you should work at a temperature above 500°C.
  The option No Smoke System allows this transformation at much lower temperatures.
  It consists of catalysts which, through a chemical-physical reaction, transform the smoke created inside the hot chamber of the furnace into CO2, heat and H2O (which immediately vaporizes).

Main features of the NSS

•  Its operation does not require additional electricity and / or energy.
•  The system can be integrated as an option in all our stress relief ovens and allows a flexible positioning of the machine, without the installation of suction pipes and filtering systems.
•  It does not require maintenance operations.
•  Maximum working temperature allowed: 500°C.
•  Average duration: over 10 years.
•  Additional systems for the treatment or expulsion of residual fumes may be necessary for materials that are too greasy (to be verified and studied with our technical staff).
•  Do not use oils with high sulphur content and heavy metals because they could compromise the correct operation of the NSS.

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